bmx racer, track and field althlete, ive seemed to have always had to work harder then everybody else, I go to races all over the east coast and get beat, and idk why, and I finally understand that there is such thing as working to hard, I was doing so many things every day bc I wanted it but I wasn't getting the results I wanted, my biggest dream is to b able to make it onto the usa team for the Olympics in the sport of bmx racing, wen I finally was offered on a bmx racing team called tss racing, I bcame more motivated bc I knew that people were finally noticing me, so I now have a trainer and hes helping me improve more then I ever have b4 and I also want to eventually get a scholarship to track and field or/and bmx racing my coaches are behing me 100 %. I can admit that I go through the lazy days and those are the days were I don't feel like doing a thing and idc about anything I just want to sit and do nothing and at these times its very hard to get motivated. I feel that im after something tho and I wont stop till I get it, I expect more out of myself then anybody culd. wen I learned that I had fans that looked up to me that motivated me also, I knew that kids were looking up to me saying I want to be just like her wen I get older, it warms my heart wen I get kids who come up to me and ask for my autograph like im a pro, and tell me that ive inspired them (: it drives me to work hard and always keep a smile on my face to give back to them and to make myy parents proud of me, ive changed my whole out look on life, im now more motivated then ive ever been to take that next step, to b at the next level... I WANT IT !!