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  • Food: Gluten, Dairy Free Diet
  • Lift Days: 225 grams Carbs, 200 grams Protein, 40grams Fat
  • Lift Day: One High Carb Day of 275grams
  • Non Lift Days: 125 grams Carbs, 200 grams Protein and 25 grams Fat
  • Non Lift Day: One Super Low Carb Day (50 grams)
  • My body responds well to high volume and frequency so I do 5 two a days per week (30-40min sessions each)
  • Cardio: 2 sessions of 20 mins on my non lift days (only low intensity)
  • 1. Glee

    Forget You

  • 2. Crossfade


  • 3. STP

    Art School Girlfriend

  • 4. Flo Rida Ft T-Pain

    Apple Bottom Jeans

  • 5. Aerosmith

    Walk this way/The Grind/Ragdoll

  • 6. Tone Loc

    Funky Cold Medina or Wild Thing

WNBF Figure Pro & Fitness Model
WNBF (Worlds Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Professional Figure Competitor, Contest Prep Coach, Part Owner of Dossey Training Systems and a Respiratory Therapist in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I graduated college from Ball State University and currently reside in Indianapolis, IN. Go COLTS!

My journey began when I decided to prep for my first INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Figure Show August 2009. I had nine solid months to prepare for the show and lost a staggering 40 POUNDS and 18% body fat on my 5 foot 5 inch frame. With no expectations other than to be in the best shape of my life, I competed in my first figure show April 2010 where I won my Rookie Pro Card (means you have to place top 3 in a professional show by the end of that year in order to keep your pro card). Determined, I had my eyes set on my first professional figure show that July at the Mid-America Pro Am where I placed 5th. Rather than giving up, I decided to keep going and competed September 2010 in New York City where I placed 2nd (total contest prep time = 13 months!).
August 23, 2010

Dating outside your fitness level

I think if you decided to take on the bodybuilding/figure/fitness lifestyle that it is difficult to date someone that has not been in your shoes. I am currently dating a bodybuilder and I still find it hard at times to be on the same page. However, if you find someone that is extremely understanding then I say go for it. Although my opinion is that your partner needs to lead a fairly healthy lifestyle if they want to date someone that competes.

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August 23, 2010

Jim Collins new Ad

CONGRATS!!!! That's so awesome!

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August 28, 2010

Olympia Trip

I'll be there too and can't wait to meet everyone!!! COME AND SAY HI FOLKS! :D

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