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NPC National Level Bikini Competitor
Hey! Here is a little bit about me! :)

I have only been competing for 2 years in the bikini division. I wish I had started sooner! I have always been athletic growing up but never a gym rat. I grew up in a small town, Star, MI. There I lived on a small farm where I spent every weekend barrel racing, yep I was a horse lover and will always be! I was a state champion in 4-H. I also was a World-Qualifier in the National Barrel Horse Association.

When I started college I did not have the time to ride as much, so I just spent most of my time studying. Then I decided to move to Florida. In a way Florida helped me grow up. If any of you have been to Panama City Beach you know it's all about partying and that's just what I did. I worked at Coyote Ugly and yep it's just like the movie. I loved it and I loved the girls I worked with. I also picked up on surfing and scuba diving. If you know me you know that I'm willing to try just about anything! I love adventure and challenging new obstacles in life.

After about 3 years I decided it was time to finish school, so I moved back to Star. I began to grow spiritually with God and knew he led me back home. While in school I knew I was missing something and was needing something new. While at work one night I met a guy. Long story short he was the worst mistake of my life!!! He was a meat-head! Always angry, he lied to me everyday and he used me for what money I made. BUT.... I did get one thing good out of this relationship... He always had these fitness magazines that I would pick up from time to time. When I saw the girls in the bikini division I knew that is what I want to do! I wanted to get into the best shape of my life. While still with this guy I started going to the gym and pushing myself. He always told me I didn't have what it took to look like they did. So I dumped him on Valentine's Day and it was the best thing! Then I could really concentrate on myself and not worry about paying his bills or bringing me down.

I entered my first show four months later and had the best support team! My mom and friends came and were there to cheer me on as I took overall at this show. From there, I started competing in bigger shows. I qualified for nationals at my state show. I didn't really know what I was doing my first couple of shows but I had a few friends just tell me their secrets on how to prep. Going to the national show I was super nervous. I had my best friend beside me the whole way. He was awesome, he helped prep all my food and never would complain how cranky I got while training my last week. My first year was rough. Now I'm pretty good about everything. My body probably had no idea what was going on with all the water over loading, carb depletion, ect. Anyway, I went to Nationals and was amazed at all the girls! The competition just got a lot harder! But it didn't stop me from stepping on stage. I placed 12th, not great but not bad. After the show I went to the expo and introduced myself to the Manager of the ON sponsored athletes. He was so nice! And of course I'm sure he couldn't help but laugh at my southern accent. They decided to sign me as a ON athlete in January 2011! It was truly a dream come true! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. My opinion, even though I didn't get a pro card at Nationals I know I gained even more by just meeting the ON Team! They are more than a team they are my family now I love them all!!! I love fitness and will to keep striving to get better and better!!!!
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