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San Marcos,CA

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NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach & Bikini Model
Hello, my name is Mauri Reyene. First, I’d like to start by saying being apart of the Optimum Nutrition family is a true blessing

I am a personal trainer, fitness professional & NPC bikini athlete/competitor. I am 22 years old residing in San Marcos, California. I was diagnosed with SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome/ pro longed qt rare genetic heart disease) years ago (teens) in which a implanted heart defibrillator was placed. SADS is treatable but is not curable, if gone untreated the lifespan estimated by cardiologists is 10 years. During this time I was working towards becoming an NPC Bikini Competitor which ultimately had to be placed on hold due to health concerns. During the year of 2015 I was able to make it to the competition stage where I placed 1st and was titled Miss Muscle Beach Bikini 2015. I then went on to compete in the NPC where I qualified in the top 3 for Nationals where I placed 12th out of 49 women.

The Nov/Dec issue of M&F Hers magazine was released on 10/17/2016 with me being highlighted regarding my genetic heart disease (pro longed QT/SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) in which a Boston Scientific Implanted Heart Defibrillator was place because I am at high risk) in the “Transformation” pages (2 pages, p. 60 & 61).

I chose to pursue my dreams and career in fitness because it is a passion of mine. The fitness industry has given me the opportunity to change lives and help support lifestyle changes. I wish to continue helping others and inspiring many individuals to go after their dreams.
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