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  • Day 1- Chest/Triceps
  • Day 2- Hammies/Glutes
  • Day 3- Back Width/Biceps
  • Day 4- Chest/Shoulders
  • Day 5- Quads
  • Day 6- Back Thickness/ Triceps
  • Day 7- Shoulders/Biceps
  • Day 8- Rest
  • 1. Days of Gold

    Jake Owen

  • 2. Crank my Tractor

    Dustin Lynch

  • 3. lets go

    Travis Barker

  • 4. Higher

    Just blaze & Bauer ft jay-z

  • 5. Renegades of Funk


  • 6. Killing in the name of


  • 7. Devour


NPC Natural Bodybuilder
Hello All!!

I have been bodybuilding for 8 years. Starting my career off at 18 where I didn't know much about diet at all, I made the mistake of buying an over the counter supplement that screwed up my body for 6 months and left me with gyno in my right nipple. I took 4th place in novice LT heavy and 3rd in Juniors. It was a rude awakening, but it was the best way to motivate me and to LEARN about my body and what real diet and proper supplementation can do for me!

I competed the next year and won the novice LT heavy and won the Juniors as well. I did the basic "kill yourself diet" (again), up to 2 hours of cardio a day and only on 50G of carbs every 3 days! I had such bad metabolic damage that after my show I gained 40 lbs in 3 weeks. My feet were so swollen I couldn't put shoes on! After that experience I took 6 years off!

I started to learn about proper nutrition through my prep coach, Scott Kluth, and all the great information that Layne Norton Preaches! Prepping for the Washington Ironman, I dieted for over 6 months going from 228.0 lbs to 197.0 on stage. Taking from what I learned, instead of low carbs of 50g every 3 days I was never below 220 and a high of 450 in my final weeks. I won the 2013 NPC Washington Ironman open Lt. Heavy and Overall Title! After my brief 1 month stint with a terrible over the counter pro hormone at 19 years old, I decided I would be a drug free athlete and never put that type of stuff in my system again! I've been a drug free athlete ever since!

I contribute all my success to consistency in the gym, in the kitchen, and just building a well rounded life style!! While bodybuilding is one of my passions, it's not stopping me from doing other things that I love! Becoming the type of bodybuilder that can do it all is really what I enjoy!


-Never give up on something you think about everyday-
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