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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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  • Show prep 8 weeks out! Day1 100 pushups Bench press working weight to failure (4or6) followed by dips 10 followed by high to low cable twist heavy 10 aside x3 Incline barbell press 8 followed by incline dumbbell fly 10 followed by lateral ab wheel 15 aside x3 Barbell clean to press with 5 second stall at top for 8 reps followed by rising Sun laterals 10 followed by elevator plank up and down for 30 x3 Hindu push-ups for 10 followed by overhead rope extensions for 10 x3 day2 100 atg squats Sumo deads working set followed by overhead squats 10 followed by pistol squats 10 aside x3 Front squats 8 followed by split squat 10 aside followed by 30 tuck jumps x3 Stiff leg deads 8 followed by quad hops 20 followed by hanging jackknifes 20 followed by contra lateral toe touch 30 aside x3 day 3 100 Bentover plate rows Wide grip chins failure to narrow grip underhand chins to failure followed by oblique leg lifts 15 aside on dip bar x3 Tbar row working weight dropset to prone bent over row 10 reps followed by single arm dumbbell shrug 10 reps with a ten second stall on last rep x3 Bent over dumbbell row working weight superset with seated hammer curl working weight for 8 alternating x3 Cable twist heavy ten aside superset with single arm Hercules curls for 10 x3
2013 Canadian Trainer Of The Year & Natural Bodybuilder/Ftness Model
I have nearly a decade in the fitness industry. In 2008 I founded Brickhouse gym in Winnipeg, Canada. Brickhouse is dedicated to helping people excel and has grown to two locations.

In 2012 I helped multiple athletes get to the stage yielding several top three placings. I have competed a great deal myself, placing top 3 in 8 competitions and several times at a national level (MABBA, CBBF, IDFA). I am also an experienced judge in both model searches and bodybuilding contests. I am currently featured in a number of international magazines as a fitness model and writer (featured model in 4 issues of Reps Magazine in over 40 photos, 2 published articles one in Reps and one in Oxygen. Narrator and video model in MuscleMags 63 best ab excercises mobile App.)

I was awarded the Optimum Nutrition Canada's Trainer of the Year Title for 2013. For this accolade I was featured in a 2 page article and photo spread chronicling my career as a world class trainer inside the pages of Muscle Insider Magazine.

As a new member to the Optimum Nutrition family, I am very excited to help spread the word to the masses about what a healthy lifestyle can do to improve the lives of everyone no matter when they start.
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