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Virginia Beach ,VA

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Fitness Model, Personal Trainer & National Level Men's Physique Competitor
Fitness and lifting weights has always been the main focus in my life. Starting with sports at a young age then on into High School where I began weight lifting in my basement to gain strength for football. In High School, I won two State Championships in football and was a champion sprinter in track. Following High School, I began training for Rescue Swimmer in the United States Navy. Shortly after getting out of the Navy I started Powerlifting and won competitions at the 165 lb weight class. I've always lifted weights but never had the appearance I've wanted. I began to transform myself through nutrition. I was amazed to see the changes my body made by eating right so I began finding ways to get as lean as possible the healthy and drug free way. From there I started my adventure as a natural Men's Physique competitor. I competed in my first competition in the fall of 2012 and have competed seven times since then. I currently compete in the NPC at the national level and my goal is to turn IFBB pro. It would be an amazing accomplishment for me to turn pro as a drug free athlete and to set an example for future athletes that you don't need to turn to steroids to reach your dreams. Aside from competing, my focus is being the best personal trainer and coach that I can be. I'm in a position to change peoples lives. It's very rewarding to see the positive changes in my clients. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down and just thought about how many people I have an impact on and it's very touching to see that I can motivate so many! I love what I do and it's very exciting to think of what I can accomplish in this industry!
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